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Lessons: Instruments

My Teaching Approach

The curiosity of a beginner should be preserved and encouraged

Practice makes permanent  

A student should want to play their instrument

It is up to the student what goals we set

Goals should be challenging yet attainable

The affect Music has is felt, and learning Music should be the same 

My Teachng Approach



The versatility that comes with knowing the piano is unmatched.

From a grand piano to an 80's synthesizer, the sounds that a keyboard instrument can produce are endless!

Even though I have over 20 years of experience playing the piano, I approach the instrument with a fresh outlook every day. 

Whether you've never touched a piano, or you've played Carnegie Hall, my piano course can help you on your journey!

Playing Piano
Image by Brent Ninaber

The most honest form of expression is the unabashed beginner with a pair of drumsticks. 

There are hundreds of instruments that fall into this category, from ones you hit with sticks, mallets, or your hands. I can teach you to play all of them!

If you're goal is to master one instrument in this category, don't sweat,

I have extensive courses dedicated to specific instruments as well

From the student who can't tap their foot to the beat, to the touring drummer, my lessons can help you refine your abilities

Production and Composition
Image by Kiran CK
Digital Production

Technology makes it possible to create music that has never been heard before

But when an aspiring musician sits down behind a computer, it can be 


That's where I come in

Composition Techniques

Writing a song is the most honestpassionate form of expression

A piece for full orchestra

 How about just you and your guitar?

Lets work together to create a lesson plan catered towards your specific desires

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I ask that you respect my time, and I will respect yours

It is expected that we will both be ready, with all supplies at hand, to start our appointment on time

In the case of an emergency, please try to contact me at least 24 hours before your scheduled lesson time to reschedule

It is very important for growth that we are consistent

It is highly recommended that you have the necessary equipment.

Each lesson plan is different, so please contact me with questions while searching for an instrument. 

Work Desk


You can schedule, pay, and video call all from this site with Virtual lessons

It is not a necessity to have digital copies of sheet music, but it may help during a virtual lesson

Amazon and Google have selections of digital music, or you can follow the links below for specific needs

There should be a camera that has vision of the instrument and students hands while taking a virtual lesson

In Person

I am available for in home lessons upon request

Price varies depending on location and instrumentation

Students may be able to come to me upon special request as well

contact me with any questions about in person lessons

Virtual or In Person?
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For Music Directors

My services include

  • Drum line instruction

  • Piano accompaniment for solo an ensemble

  • Percussion ensemble instruction

  • Piano accompaniment for choir 

  • Classical Percussion instruction in the classroom

  • Instrument maintenance & repair

  • Concert & Rehearsal recording

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For Music Directors
Piano on Stage

Group Ensembles

Music is often a cooperative experience 

as such, we seek to create with other musicians often

Having a studio which includes rhythmic, harmonic, and melodic instruments means that collaboration is very easy to achieve

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Group Ensembles
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